The Benefits of Using Name Signs in Your Office

by rcazeault 14. April 2013 15:09
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Using name signs in your office give you benefits

Take a moment and think of a time that you were starting a new job, with a new company, full with new people that you have never met before. On the very first day of this new job that you are beginning, you are usually given a tour of the entire office, which is usually a large puzzle of cubicles and offices. During this tour, you will meet a plethora of new co-workers and staff members. By the time you reach the end of your first day, your head will most likely be spinning with names and various pieces of information. But things can be made a lot easier if your new employer utilizes some great name signs and plaques.

Guiding the Lost

Name plaques do a lot more than just occupy the edge of an employee's desk or greeting everyone that enters that area. Name plaques and signs, when they are placed in the entrance area of a person's office area will help guide new employees and visitors around the office complex, cutting back on foot traffic that can essentially disrupt the flow of the business. Documents can reach their destinations faster and as a result, the efficiency of the company will increase significantly.

Types of Name Signs

When it comes to designing the types of name plaques and signage that your office will utilize, your opportunities are limitless. You are free to have them any way that you would like. Any shape, any color, and any material. You also have the ability to choose between a sign that is affixed to the wall outside of an office, or a small plaque that is placed on the edge of the desk of the person using that office. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is open your mind and organize your budget. From there, you can do whatever you would like.

Utilizing the Signs for Other Purposes

Do not let the name full you. A name sign does not have to just display the name of the person who is using the office space; it can also be used to signify the current status of the room. For example, you can use a name sign to say that a room is "Currently Reserved", or it can be used as a "Do Not Disturb" indicator when a meeting is in session. Or you can use these signs to just label a specific area of the office, like a Break Room, or a Conference Room, or a Utility Closet.

Whatever the use for the office may be, you can be sure that name signs are definitely a great investment on so many different levels. They are fully customizable, they are easy to install or put in use, they can save you a lot of space, and they can help guide traffic all throughout the office. The benefits are endless and the possibilities are limitless. So take some time a look into adding name plaques and signs to your office today, and you will see your business increase efficiency significantly.


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