Seashell Door Knockers for a Tropical-inspired Home

by CCWeathervanes 23. September 2012 19:37
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Fall may have officially begun but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot have something to remind you of summer, particularly the beach. Tropical-inspired home decorations are popular among homeowners who love being outdoors. These ornaments are also popular among resort owners who want to keep a certain ambiance that vacationers will like. One of the most common tropical ornaments that you may see is the sea shell.

Sea shells and starfish are just few of the most widely-used designs when a certain project is about the beach. For instance, when a movie is set on a beach – let’s say mermaids, the most common decoration that you may notice is the sea shell. That’s because sea shells can give any set up an exquisite coastal feel.

With the emergence of door bells in the past few decades, door knockers have earned an antique vibe to them. Now if you want to incorporate a beachy and contemporary style to your home, why not try out sea shell door knockers?

Check out our top picks:

1.      Cape Cod Scallop Door Knocker: Depending on the size, color and material, this antique door knocker may cost from $60 to $160.
2.      Bay and Sea Scallop Door Knocker: Choose one from the following variants - brass, nickel, silver or bronze. Prices range from $90 to $110.
3.      Sea Clam Door Knocker ($145)
4.      Oyster Door Knocker ($115)
5.      Quahog Door Knocker ($90)

Sea shell door knockers add a spice to your plain home or office. Having a sea shell door knocker will remind you of your best moments on the beach all year long.

**Sea shell door knockers are available at the Cape Cod Weathervane Company. Click here to learn more about our products.


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