How to Build a Rain Chain Fountain

by rcazeault 27. April 2013 09:41
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Build your own rain chain fountain

A rain chain is a beautiful replacement of the ordinary gutter downspout. It works by slowing down the rain as it falls to the ground. Instead of the hollow metal pipe, there is a decorative chain of buckets or some other containers which is hung from the gutter. They provide for an amazing experience when it is raining with the amazing sound which so many people love. For places where rain hardly comes by, one can still enjoy the experience of rain by having their own rain chain which provides for a perpetual raining experience all throughout the year. This is known as a rain chain fountain and one does not even need gutters in order to make it work since the rain is not coming from above.

How to Build a Rain Chain Fountain

You can build your very own rain chain fountain in a matter of a few hours using very minimal resources. a typical way of building these is to make use of disappearing fountain basins. These basins can be purchased from garden supplies and they even come with an installation kit which is all you need in order to set up your very own rain chain fountain.

You will need to dig a hole large enough to accommodate your basin. After the hole is dug, it is recommended to place some sand at the bottom in order to level it. After leveling the basin, the next step is to add some blocks which will support the rocks, urn and grate which will be added later on. In order to have the effect or rain water splashing through a rain chain, the water is usually pumped through a water hose to a raised position such as the top of a tree. A pump will also be required in order to lift the water vertically to the top of the tree. The force has to be just right in order to achieve the required effect and this can be determined by a method of trial and error. You will also be needing pipes or tubes which will transfer the water from the basin to the tree and ultimately to the cup of the rain chain. The pipes should be secured to the side of the tree in order to achieve the invisibility effect.

The rain chain transfers water from the pipe back into the basin and this water is in turn pumped back to the rain chain thus creating the effect of perpetual rain. This effect is very enjoyable especially in areas that do not receive that much rain. The duration when the pump is pumping water can also be regulated such as in the afternoons and evenings in order to minimize water loss and the need to refill the reservoir with water again.

The Recommended Option

Most of the time, it is more preferable to order a custom rain chain fountain from famous companies such as Cape Cod Weathervane. With the option for doing the shopping online at, location is no longer an issue. In addition, they also offer shipping to all destinations across the entire planet. As a matter of fact, any order you make which is above $250 will guarantee you absolutely free shipping right to your place.

In order to make the whole setup look natural, it is good to add some rocks which will camouflage the entire setup. Some plants around will also go a great way in softening the look of the fountain and make it even more beautiful. In fact, the fountain can also attract birds and other animals adding a more natural feel to it.


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