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by rcazeault 27. June 2013 21:40
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Advertise your personality with a house plaque from the Cape Cod Weathervane Company!

house plaqueDo people have trouble finding your home, no matter how clear the directions are? The perfect thing for your home could be a house plaque.

 Address plaques not only help people to find the specific home they are searching for, but they also say a lot about your personal taste.  An address marker can help to distinguish your home from the dozens of others in your neighborhood, and you can personalize it to say exactly what you want!

Help Out Visitors With A Stately House Plaque

If you are looking for a classical house plaque, the mini Hartford address plaque is the right choice for you. This selection is superb if you are searching for a small detail that can add a pleasant ambiance to your home’s décor.

This house plaque is a one line version, so if you are looking to simply display the numbers of your address clearly, this address plaque is perfect. It works well for the inside or outside of your home, depending on what purpose you are aiming for. 

Looking for a house plaque with a bit of a different air to it? The Richmond vertical address plaque comes in a standard size, so it is customizable for your home, indoors or outdoors! A vertical house plaque looks particularly elegant among one story houses, as it allows for your gaze to center slightly more on the address plaque.

It is a bit like a shorter person wearing shoes to gain a few inches in height; this sleek house plaque depends on your sole perception and personality.

Display Your Personality With A House Plaque

Address plaques are used to tell tourists about various writers, artists, and scientists who have lived in historical homes all over the globe. Someday, your name may even be on an address plaque, displaying your talent for the world to see!

For now, however, you can utilize a house plaque to the best of your ability to make your home stand out in individuality.

Do you find interest or peace in birdsong, or just bird watching in general? Then the eagle address plaque will be perfect for you, so you never have to search out feathered friends again.

This incredibly detailed eagle will watch over your home address so you never have to worry about leaving your home alone again.

house plaqueIf you are searching for a stately house plaque, the ultra mini Rochelle address plaque will provide your home with elegant ambiance. Though small, this one line house plaques holds volumes of personality and charm with beautiful details, such as the gold outline and lettering.

The golden embellishments at the top of the address plaque and the shell demurely placed at the bottom round out the entirety of this stunning piece. 

The Cape Cod Weathervane Company has many more house plaques that you can purchase, as well as a plethora of estate and entryway sized address plaques for homes and properties of all sizes!



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