What Do Address Signs Say About You?

by rcazeault 29. March 2013 22:51
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What Do Address Signs Tell The World About You?

Every person wants the house that he or she lives in to be perfect…especially your house entrance.

It makes the first impression of your whole house. It’s what people see first. The entrance to your house should have a good address sign so that your house will stand out and people can locate it easily.

But it also says a lot about who you are.

Address Signs Make the Right First Impression

Without a doubt, address signs are the first impression a visitor gets about your house. The selection of the address sign you choose speaks volumes about your tastes, preferences and living styles.

And when you’re decorating your house, it is very important to select an address sign that goes with your personality and the personality of your family as well

Carefully designed house address signs can be incredibly beautiful objects, characterizing a house and investing it with the beauty of the sign.

At a utilitarian level, address signs display the street number and name of your house. Sometimes your house address sign incorporate your house name or your theme. The unique images or sayings incorporated into the design usually have some sentimental meaning for the person or the family.

Your address sign might refer to the environment of the house as well. For example a vacation house by the ocean will commonly include seaside motifs, colors and images. Like here on Cape Cod, this is a very popular address sign theme.

Picking the Right Address Sign Takes Some Thought

While you choose a nice address sign, you need to determine various factors in order for you to pick the right address sign in sync with your entire house.

It’s true that there are all kinds of address signs that are easily available. The materials are made up of wood, granite, stone or even slate.

For example, a wooden address sign may have your address and name engraved on it by a woodworking craftsman. While address signs on stone and granite must have your name and your address carved on it by a stone cutter.

Such address signs are very durable and will probably last for longer years compared to wooden address signs.  You also don’t have to worry about its maintenance.  Address signs made in steel or copper are rust prone. But address signs made of aluminum last forever.

Other Types of Address Signs

If you live in a very dark neighborhood with without street lighting, you should pick illuminated address signs. This shows your visitors that you care for their safety and are a thoughtful post.

This may ease those people who would be looking out for your house during night-time. The lighted address sign will make your guests spot your house at night.

Keep in mind that the most important factor in an address sign is the text in front of it.  The words should be clear and spelled correctly. It should be written in a simple pattern so people wouldn’t find it difficult to read.

Just don’t make it too boring and show a little pizzazz! Your house guests will enjoy it

An address sign is the first thing that catches the eye of a visitor to your home and hence should be selected carefully. Remember they reflect your personality and lifestyle.

So have fun with it. Express your individuality by picking a house sign from here at The Cape Cod Weathervane Company.

Please click here to view images of different address signs available!

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