Building Signs Enhance Your Company Image

by rcazeault 26. March 2013 03:04
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Building signs enhance your company image and even attracts attention.

Building signs are essential for any commercial establishment that wants to make an impact through communicating important information.

From prominent signs located at the entrance to small plaques on office doors, these signs are vital aspects of any public property. Let us look at some of the signs you need in your building.

Entryway Identification Building Signs

This needs to be the first sign for you to set up in the building. These serve to identify the name of the business as well as the type of services or products on offer.

Buildings holding several companies will benefit from a large sign that shows the offices, floors and room numbers where they can be found. The top part of the sign will hold the overall name of the building.

Large business complexes will have tenants who will come and go, therefore you need to adopt a signage style that can be easily replaced and allows for easy changes. The individual signs may have logos and letters in different fonts that make them stand out and leave a lasting impression in the mind of the customers.

Make sure the letters are big enough to be read from a distance. When choosing the font and color of your building sign, try to consider how the colors will affect the image your company wishes to project.


Another common type of building sign is the nameplate which is put on doors and tables. The nameplates usually hold the name of the person in the office plus their designation. Such signs are ideal for showing visitors that they have found their destination. The signs can be understated or high class, but you need to choose the style that matches the general atmosphere in the building.

Utilitarian Signs

Every building needs utilitarian signs to identify basic utilities. The most essential ones are the ones showing bathrooms and toilets. Others you cannot do without show directions to lifts, stairs and emergency exits. These make it easy for visitors to get to where they are going much easily. Signs can be also used to warn visitors about several things in the building such as slippery floors.

Signs Found Outside the Building

High-class building signs located outside the building may help direct visitors to different offices especially when there are different establishments on site. Directional signs located outside are also ideal for extensive complexes so that you will know where to head. Parking lot signs make it easy for visitors to know where they can park their vehicles. Signs showing reserved parking spaces will make it easy for visitors and employees to know where to park their cars.

Get a Building Sign for Your Building From Us

For professions where there is stiff competition and where image means everything, high quality entrance building signs, executive nameplates, safety signs are a great way to enhance your company’s image. The information on the sign may be the first information your customer receives upon arriving at your establishment and it goes a long way to create a positive image in the customer’s mind.

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