Dome Cupola With Whimsy And Wonder For Your Rooftop

by rcazeault 23. July 2013 10:44
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Transform your roof into something to be proud of with a dome cupola!

dome cupolaCupolas have topped famous buildings such as the Taj Mahal, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Moscow Kremlin, throughout the ages. They have been widely used in construction and architecture throughout all eras, for various purposes.

Sometimes, a dome cupola is used simply for aesthetic and decorative purposes, such as in famous aforementioned forms of architecture. On the other hand, cupolas have also been utilized for practical and useful purposes.

For example, farmers with barns have used accessible dome cupolas for light and ventilation for their crops. Airing the hay can be important for livestock so that it does not grow mildew. The dome cupola forms an important function in this.

A dome cupola, with a walkway, has been utilized for watching out for predators among the livestock in the surrounding fields. Nowadays, a dome cupola is used in modern home and residential buildings for aesthetic purposes. You can make your own neighbors jealous by adding to the graceful air of your home by featuring a dome cupola!

Deducing Style With A Dome Cupola

The history of the word “cupola” stems from the Latin word “cupula” which is the diminutive of “cupa” for “tub” or “small dome.” In the beginning, it was meant to refer to the central dome of a Italian Renaissance cathedral, of which there are many. 

The Cape Cod Weathervane Company has a host of hand-crafted cupolas that feature many different materials, sizes, and styles, fitted for your house’s needs. A special dome cupola request can also be made and delivered for you if nothing fits your fancy.

However, you will be sure to find an elegant dome cupola, reminiscent of the cupolas of old, among the window louver combination cupolas.

This unique selection features a myriad of wonderful cupolas. Many of the cupolas in this selection feature a square configuration with handsome transom windows and lovely louvers. 

The Hyannisport select series primed cupola is truly the cupola of dreams. With a perfect coat of white latex paint, and a robin egg blue aluminum straight top, you can enjoy the lovely sight to the envy of neighbors and friends.

If you are searching for a different color to top your cupola, there is no need to fear or fret. You can match the rooftop color of your cupola to your home in six different colors; black, brown, blue, red, green, and copper.

This range of aluminum truly covers a wide spectrum and will match any house beautifully. 

Cupolas, including the classical dome cupola, transform every house into a home reminiscent of fairy tales. It is always the high tower where the princess is kept, or where the treasure is hidden away in childhood tales. 

You can bring a little bit of that magic back for yourself, or for your own children with a cupola. They belong on many different types of architecture, so you need not worry- a barn cupola will look just as splendid as a household one!

Charm Guests With A Dome Cupola

If you are searching for a classical dome cupola, the Cape Cod Weathervane Company has several great options for you to choose from. All cupolas are actually designed and engineered to withstand 120 MPH winds, so during Nor’easters in winter or thunder storms in winter, your cupola will be sure to stick it out, and look great doing it, too!

The Palm Beach architectural series cupola is not just for beach houses; it fits well for your home in every season. This classic cupola has a wonderful base edge trim and a copper pagoda style  roof, which will be sure to enhance the air of dreamy domestic life and foreign influences alike.

dome cupolaThe oval molding overlay design is a subtle yet significant detail that can enhance the fluidity of your home’s appearance, as well as its aura of charm. 

The hand-crafted fluted corner posts and crown moulding are of a delicate and delightful design that will be sure to inspire lofty aspirations similar to those of your own childhood fairytales. 

Once, a dome cupola was used among many buildings to promote power and importance. They spoke of the influence and the status of the people or assemblies held within.

Today, this still occurs, and now many dome cupolas speak of the history that has gone on inside of the four walls. Some are centuries old, such as the Taj Mahal, and others belong to younger countries, such as the United States.

The Capitol has a dome cupola and many historical happenings have taken place in the famed buildings with cupolas perched atop them, such as the Lincoln Memorial.

Cupola designs span and differ across all types of cultures and continents, but they are no less marvelous than their cupola cousins from different places.

Create Memories With A Dome Cupola

You can create your own dynasty of memories and family history and fun with a dome cupola. It will make for a fantastic landmark for new visitors to find your house, and it can become a great talking piece.

To feature a dome cupola with a unique roof top, the Boston estate series vinyl cupola may be right up your alley.

This handsome dome cupola features a creative octagonal base configuration, which will look very polished on any type of rooftop, or building, be it barn, shed, or home.

The windows that are configured among this unique Boston state series vinyl cupola are slim, arched, and classical, giving the feel of a Renaissance cathedral look.

The copper bell style roof will look fantastic during all seasons with the glint of sunlight gleaming off it, and will bring a smile to your face in both hot and cold weather.

The dome cupola has a long history behind it, and you can embed this tradition seamlessly into your own home with your choice of cupola.

Cupolas bring up dreams and fancies you will not have thought of in a long time, and a dome cupola is sure to bring you many compliments on its sleek look as well!


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